2014 Show Photos

THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA by Tennessee Williams


role: Rev. T. Lawrence Shannon

produced by The ActorsNET of Bucks County

January 17 - February 2, 2014

directed by Cheryl Doyle

set design by George Hartpence



role: Julius Caesar

produced by The ActorsNET of Bucks County

April 25 - May 11, 2014

directed by Aaron Wexler



role: George Hay

produced by The ActorsNET of Bucks County

May 30 - June 15, 2014

directed by Joe Doyle



role: Richard Burbage, Father Garnet, ensemble

produced by The ActorsNET of Bucks County

October 31 - November 16, 2014

directed by Cheryl Doyle

set design by George Hartpence

Critical Praise for "The Night of the Iguana"


Anthony Stoeckert writes for the Princeton Packet TimeOff entertainment section:

"Mr. Hartpence is terrific as Shannon.   

…Mr. Hartpence is all frustration and desperation as Shannon.  But he’s also lost as he doesn’t really try to do anything to make his situation better.  His Shannon is a lost soul, though one with a biting tongue.

  The set by Mr. Hartpence is the most convincing I’ve seen at the Heritage Center.  A veranda dominates the front of the stage, and rooms with screen doors are in the background.  It’s just terrific stuff for a community group."

see the full review and a promo article from the Times of Trenton below

The Night of the Iguana_CentralJersey_review (pdf)


Actors' NET performs Tennessee Williams' 'Night of the Iguana' _ NJ.com (pdf)


Critical Praise for JULIUS CAESAR

Wren Workman writes for Stage Magazine:

"George Hartpence (Julius Caesar) was very well cast, his Caesar was, charismatic, confident and commanding. He

spoke with with a cool and calming voice. Hartpence is a long time Shakespearean actor and it shows in all the best

ways. In his moments on stage you can believe him to be the symbol of hope that Marc Antony speaks of."

Caesar Demands Your Attendance at Actors’NET_ JULIUS CAESAR _ Stage Magazine (pdf)


Julius Caesar promo video

Sneak peek at JULIUS CAESAR at the ActorsNET

Critical Praise for "Moon Over Buffalo"

Anthony Stoeckert writes for the Princeton Packet TIimeOff entertainment section:

"Mr. Hartpence is a regular at Actors’ NET, often in classical roles, and here he gets to play on his talents for the classics. He hams it up in the opening scene as George (the character) and Charlotte rehearse for Cyrano.  He also gets lots of laughs hurling insults at Ms. Doyle’s Ethel, acting drunk, kidnapping someone (long story) and hiding various secrets from different people.

Ms. Thompson is just as funny as Charlotte. She’s carrying on an affair of her own, with the wealthy show biz attorney Richard — he taught Esther Williams how to swim (and he’s played by James Cordingley). Her funniest moments come when she mistakes Howard for Capra.

The scene where George goes on stage for Private Lives dressed up as Cyrano is one of the funniest I’ve seen in a long time. In addition to starring, Mr. Hartpence designed the set — backstage at a theater, with plenty of doors that are primed for slamming.

The experience of this crew was on full display during a scene where the leg of couch broke after Mr. Hartpence sat on it— the actor didn’t miss a beat, and went with the moment.

This show is so good, it literally broke a leg."

see the full review below

Moon Over Buffalo _ Princeton Packet_review (pdf)


Critical Praise for EQUIVOCATION

Stuart Duncan writes for the Princeton Packet TimeOff entertainment section:


EQUIVOCATION may be a terrible title for a play, but the work, by playwright Bill Cain, was called “cerebrally pyrotechnic” by the Los Angeles Times, and is getting a sparkling production by an extraordinarily talented company by Actors’ NET of Bucks County at the Heritage Center Theatre in Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

…George Hartpence is a superb Richard Burbage - the leading actor of the King’s Men, Shakespeare’s troupe.

see the full review below

Equivocation _ Packet_reviewm (pdf)