2015 Show Photos



role: Oberon - King of the Fairies

ActorsNET of Bucks County

directed by Cheryl Doyle

March 6 - 22, 2015



book by Joseph Dougherty, music by Stephen Flaherty and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
role: Alan Swann
ActorsNET of Bucks County
directed by Cheryl Doyle 

May 29 - June 14, 2015



role: Andrew Undershaft
also co-director
ActorsNET of Bucks County
Cheryl Doyle = co-director 

October 23 - November 8, 2015

set design by George Hartpence

Critical Praise for Shakespeare's A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM


Stuart Duncan writes for the Princeton Packet TimeOff entertainment section:

One of the most satisfying Shakespeare shows in many years.

…a superb cast — led by the veteran couple George Hartpence and Carol Thompson, as Oberon, the Fairy King and his Queen, Titania.   Both actors are so confident and powerful that the work is never in danger of losing focus.

read the full review below:

'A Midsummer Night's Dream' _ CentralJersey.com_review (pdf)




Critical Praise


Neal Zorn - local blogger on all thing entertaining and cultural - writes in his blog about this production. 

Neal's Paper

Anthony Stockert of the Princeton Packet says:"...the actors in this show do a terrific job of capturing these characters while not ripping off the actors who played them in the movie. These actors also bring terrific comic timing to the script..." "starring King Kaiser, a man with big talent and an even bigger ego (wonderfully played by Steve Lobis)" "Alan Swann (George Hartpence, who is perfect in the role)...(supposedly based on Errol Flynn) is a legend..." "Susan Fowler does a terrific job as Belle Steinberg Carroca." "Susan Blair shines as Alice, the only female writer on Kaiser’s staff." "Jeff Dworkin stands out as Sy, the beleaguered head writer."

And what about the music? “Welcome to Brooklyn,” is a hoot as Benjy’s relatives sing the praises of the borough. Mr. Hartpence leads the ensemble through a rousing number called “Manhattan” and Ms. Blair and Mr. Lobis are just terrific with “Professional Showbizness Comedy.” "The music is provided by five very good musicians, led by Peter de Mets."

Singing, dancing, laughter, tears, romance, swashbuckling action, spectacular costumes... so what more could you want?

Our Cast


George Hartpence       as Alan Swann

Alex Smyk                       as Benjy Stone

Steve Lobis                    as King Kaiser

Elizabeth Rzasa            as K.C. Downing

Susan Blair                    as Alice Miller

Jeff Dworkin                 as Sy Benson

Jim Cordingley             as Herb Lee

George Agalias            as Leo Silver

Susan Fowler              as Belle Mae Steinberg

Steve Pie                       as Rookie Carrocca

Marco Newton             as Uncle Morty

Kimmy Graham            as Tess

Chris Learn                  as Doorman

Ensemble (Alphabetically)

Evan Bilinski

Jim Flynn

Connor Learn

Jessica Mousley

Emily O'Sullivan

Heather Parton

Hayley Rubins-Topoleski

Maryalice Rubins-Topoleski

and Joy Woffindin

Technical Credits

Director:  Cheryl Doyle


Producer:  Susan Fowler

Music Direction:  Peter de Mets

Choreography:  Maryalice Rubins-Topoleski

Fencing Master:  Mark Holbrow

Stage Manager:  Kelly Allen

Asst. Stage Mgr:  Julie McMillan

Set Design:  Cheryl Doyle

Lighting Design:  Andrena Wishnie

Costumes:  Ruth Schanbacher with Anthony Remer

MAJOR BARBARA promo video by Tom Smith

Check out this great video - Inside the ActorsNET - Major Barbara

Critical Praise for MAJOR BARBARA


Anthony Stoeckert writes for the Princeton Packet TimeOff entertainment section:

It’s an impressive production, with some top-notch acting, fine direction and impressive sets.

Mr. Hartpence does fine work as Andrew, playing him a bit sheepish about confronting his family after all this time, but steadfast in his pride in his work and wealth. He is biting with some of Andrew’s most pointed observations …and also delivers some of the play’s funniest lines. 

Ms. Thompson shines as Lady Britomart, perfectly capturing a sense of proper class. She’s also steadfast in her conviction that she knows what’s right for her children. Lady Britomart’s opening scene with Stephen (well played by Mr. O’Rourke) is wonderfully funny …it’s delightful stuff.

This is a smart, well-acted production with fine direction from Cheryl Doyle and Mr. Hartpence.  Mr. Hartpence also designed the set, with interchangeable pieces that create three locations, with Andrew’s munitions factory being the most impressive.

read the full review below:

Major Barbara_CentralJersey review (pdf)